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Yoga Teacher Training


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Now Offered in Beautiful Fernie B.C.

Yoga Teacher Training with Moment Yoga

Led by Senior Yoga Instructor E-RYT 500 Simone Bourassa.

Available as a 6 weekend immersion program or 21-day intensive. 


This program delivers expansive personal coursework combined with a refined and progressive teacher training curriculum,

where students will find support, a wealth of understanding and knowledge as well as opportunity to experience a variety of teaching styles and classes.

All this provides the tools to discover and develop your own unique approach to both your practice and teaching.

This program  and it’s teachings continue as a lifelong journey through exploration of the self  and  well beyond the study of yoga postures or philosophy.

Prepare to embark on the learning of a lifetime!

Fernie B.C. Teacher Training courses begin;

Friday December 2nd, 2022 (Weekend immersion)

In collaboration with Mantra Spirit Studio we are so excited to offer 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Fernie, B.C. 

Program Offered:​

  • 200 Hour 6-Weekend Immersion Teacher Training

    • Spring 2024 Training Dates; April 26-28, May 10-13, June 7-10, July 5-7, August. 9-11, Sept. Dates TBD

    • Note: May & June weekends are both 4 day sessions.

    • $1000 to register, plus $360 per weekend. Early bird savings of $200 deducted from last weekend if application is submitted 30 days prior to start of program.​


About the Program:

Our 200 Hour Teacher Training Program invites you to journey more deeply into your understanding of yoga. 

This program is specifically designed for those who have a desire to deepen their understanding of yoga practice or for those seeking to share this practice with others as a yoga teacher. 

The program is offered in a flexible and meaningful 6 weekend immersion.

Meditation &

Practice different styles and techniques of meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) everyday. Develop a deep understanding and connection with both so you can easily share their immense benefits with your students.

Western & Yogic Anatomy

Learn the western anatomy of bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles, breathing, nervous and circulatory systems, injuries, and as well as basic prenatal yoga. You will also learn the energetic effects of yoga on the body, and will study PRANA in detail. What it is, the different techniques that direct prana, Kundalini energy and its infinite potential, the chakra systems, bandhas, Ayurveda, the vayus, and the nadis.

History & Yogic Philosophy

Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and how these teachings provide a very real model that can be applied to daily life. You will also get to discuss and learn in detail about Yoga’s journey to the West, and the most influential yogis of our time.

The Business of Yoga

Discuss the ethics of yoga, code of conduct, and important qualities of a successful teacher. Learn about the business of yoga, defining your mission, marketing yourself, and setting your goals and dreams.

Yoga Asana


The principles of teaching, cueing, assisting, demonstrating, theming, sequencing, and how to put together a well-rounded and thoughtful Hatha, Flow, and Power Vinyasa class. Learn hundreds of poses in both their English and Sanskrit names, and the foundations of each pose from the ground up.



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