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Traditional Reiki Treatment

Boost Overall Wellness with Energetic Healing!

Relieve physical, mental, emotional or energetic ailments through the energy body.

Reiki treatments support the physical body to health through the energetic body. Feeling tired, injured, ill, lethargic? Are you struggling to sleep or find rest? Or do you simply need a little re-charge?

A Reiki treatment works with your body's energetic flow to clear blockages, boosting overall health.

 Reiki Treatment

Boost Overall Wellness with Essential Oils & Energetic Healing!

Immerse yourself with the healing and energizing qualities of Reiki and the powerful properties of essential oils.

This treatment is like an energetic and vitamin infusion! Traditional Reiki treatment complimented  with gentle touch and therapeutic grade DoTerra essential oils.

Discover wellness, health and increased overall sense of relaxation physically and mentally with this incredibly rejuvenating, immune boosting treatment.

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